I have never worked with a business coach before, yet I’ve completed a lot of online programs plus post-secondary & continuing education with the goal of professional development. I consider myself a life-long learner, but never felt that 1:1 coaching was a good fit for me. Enter Vari.

Mentoring with Vari changed my life. The experience was extremely holistic and I felt many shifts both personally and professionally while completing the program with Vari.

If you’re a creative freelancer and you’re tired of the feast-and-famine cycle, I suggest you work with Vari. You won’t regret it!!

Jamie Leigh | developer + solution finder | JamieLeigh.com



I can’t believe how quickly I grew and developed once Vari showed me her “inside secrets”.

I would have never discovered any of this on my own – like other freelancers, I always thought it was difficult. Well, it isn’t!

Not only was this course worth every cent, it worked so well that it paid for itself the first 4 weeks. Vari is incredible and her knowledge on the world of freelance is invaluable!

Katie Emslie | designer + photographer | You by Katie



Claire and I were immediately drawn to Vari when we were looking for a designer to bring our ebooks to life.

She ‘got’ us from the beginning and we knew we were in safe hands. 

Vari wholeheartedly delivered what we had envisaged for our ebooks, only better.

Her creativity and professionalism shone through her beautiful designs and we are over the moon with the end result.

It was absolutely inspiring to work with Vari and we can’t recommend her enough.

Claire Murray + Jessica Silsby | Claire’s Holistic Pursuits + Awaken Your Wellbeing



I didn’t even know I needed a mentor until I found Vari.

Completing the FREEdomLANCER mentoring program was the best thing I could have done to find the clarity I needed for my design business.

The modules and worksheets were easy to follow, and Vari’s insight and knowledge was really helpful and inspiring as we chatted each week.

Since completing the course my confidence and enthusiasm has increased and I now have the tools and plans in place to build the business and lifestyle I didn’t dare dream of a few months ago.

Andrea Gill | digital publication designer | AndreaGill.com.au



When the time came to step up and get a pro makeover for my business, I always knew Vari Longmuir would be my chosen designer.

When Vari sent through the completed designs I felt so excited to see the vision she had created.

It is the perfect visual element of everything I wanted it to be.

Vari is a skilled, talented and luxurious designer and I am constantly recommending her to anyone who wants to create a brand that oozes elegance.

Clare Greig | creativity coach





I worked with Vari early on in my entrepreneurial journey. Not only did she provide me with some wonderful design work, she helped me find myself in my business.

As we got to know each other I found myself turning to her as a valued sounding board about all things related to entrepreneurship and online business.

Her warmth and genuineness combined with her business savvy meant I could always trust her to point me in the right direction.

Vari has great networks and connected me to the right people when I need them.

She was reliable and delivered what she promised but perhaps more importantly she was endlessly flexible and supported me as I sought to make the changes that seem an inevitable part of the journey.

I can’t recommend Vari highly enough whether you’re after a talented designer or a business mentor, or both.

Jenny Blagdom | social change maker | JennyBlagdon.com



Working with Vari was like working with an extremely talented graphic design version of me!

What I mean is that she totally got me, my style and what I stood for.

I swear there wasn’t a time where I needed more than one revision on her work – she’s that good at hitting my vision on the head.

She’s one rad lady!

Elizabeth McKenzie | marketing coach | ElizabethMcKenzie.com



While working with Vari, I never once regretted signing up for it.

Each module gave me insight into myself and my customers and there were practical applications for each lesson.

I felt very assured by Vari’s insight and experience.

The fact that she was succeeding at what I want for my life encouraged and comforted me.

I would recommend this to all aspiring FREEdomLANCERS who need inspiration and guidance.

Sandy Chang | video + graphic designer | Studio23.com



Vari is my go to virtual designer.  She knows my business and my brand.

It’s easy to bring her into any project.  She quickly understands the needs of the project, and can put my ideas into beautiful images and branding.

She’s extremely timely and reliable.  I highly recommend her virtual designer services.

Jessica Drummond | founder + CEO | IntegrativePelvicHealthInstitute.com



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