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Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

It was an unexpected 3-day weekend here. My husband decided to take a lil’ impromptu holiday from work on Friday which ment that we got to spend 3 full days just hanging out.

I love getting to spent time at home with my boys when we’ve got no plans. It’s still pretty cold ‘n’ winter’y down here in Melbourne at the moment so it was the perfect mini-break to relax and recharge.

Let’s get in to this weeks post…



Monday morning, 10am, dessert time. OK, so this isn’t like an everyday kinda thing but it was one of those day where will power was low and cravings were high.

There’s a gorgeous little organic/ paleo cafe, HEAL.THY SELF CO. in my village and I’d heard a little whisper that they had started serving PANA CHOCOLATE desserts.

These raw, organic, handmade delights are DELISH! After 10 minutes of staring into the cabinet, struggling to decide, Noah and I chose this delicious peanut, white choc + raspberry cake. You’ll be (un)surprised to know that it lasted about 33.7 seconds!

Pana chocolate | Buttercup Ink Vari Longmuir



As you might have seen (if you follow me over on Instagram), we’re house-hunting for our new home at the moment. We’re still looking for ‘the one’ so have been spending a few weekends lately in our soon-to-be new ‘hood on the Mornington Peninsula.

There’s just something about the beach that changes me. And I find myself craving more space and more quiet. This was our Saturday night. Rugged up in our coats, playing at the park with THIS view… I’m pretty excited to make this place our new home.

(PS don’t wanna ring the bell too early but we might just have found the perfect place on Saturday! Watch this space…)

Mornington Victoria | Buttercup Ink Vari Longmuir


I love to cook but I often get stuck in a rut and have about 8 meals on rotation. This gorgeous birthday pressie from one of my besties is revolutionising dinner times in the Longmuir house at the moment!

I’ve been raving about Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook, Jerusalem to my friends for a while now so THIS lil’ beaut was the perfect companion! Delicious veggie meals and gorgeous photography, this book is certainly adding PLENTY variety to our dinners.

The quinoa salad with garlic, lemon and radishes is a winner and for the first time EVER, my quinoa didn’t look or taste like prison slop! Score!

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi | Buttercup Ink Vari Longmuir

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