So what is The Muse Assembly?

Weekly lessons to inspire and ignite your creativity, delivered straight to your inbox every Thursday.

These lessons are exclusive to members of The Assembly. They won’t be shared anywhere else.

In each gathering of The Assembly, I’ll be sharing about colour, typography, tips on how to create space for your creativity to flow as well as some sneak peeks into what’s happening here at Buttercup Ink HQ.

Also, as a member, you’ll get propriety details on new workshops and exclusive offers. Coz you’re kinda special! x

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What people are saying about The Muse Assembly…

Omg I love this! I’m so excited to be part of your club! | Kate

I have just had a chance to open up my Muse Assembly emails and quite frankly you’ve rocked my face off. Very very excited to hear more from you. I’ve been using a wardrobe planner in my closet for a while now and was going to design my own, but yours is so pretty I might just have to use it for a while. Thank you. | Naomi

I just wanted to say I love the first Muse Assembly, its an awesome idea.
The colour combo is beautiful and all the tips are great. Can’t wait for the next edition. Thank you. | Tarnya

Love it! The Muse Assembly is beautiful, informative and just perfect! Thanks Vari! | Jaqui

Vari, this is fantastic. What a great first email for a Thursday morning!! | Linda

Very inspirational! Love it!!!! | Jane