Branding for Coaches Spotlight Series | Michelle McCartan

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Branding for Coaches Spotlight Series | Michelle McCartan

This month sees the exciting launch of my brand spankin’ new branding for coaches service – Brand Styling for Coaches.


To to celebrate we’re going to look at 4 coaching businesses who’s branding is perfectly aligned to show more of who they are as a coach and attract their dream clients.

I’ve witnessed so many coaches struggle to create a brand that takes them from ‘just another coach’ to the perfect match for their dream clients.

The coaches we’re featuring in this series have, in my opinion, nailed their branding. They serve up a good ol’ slice of inspiration of what’s possible when it comes to branding for coaches.


First up is Michelle from

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this gorgeous coach through a close friend for the last 6 years. This recent rebrand is so perfectly aligned with her personality and message. I’m so excited to show you why!

Let’s dive in…

Branding for Coaches - Michelle McCartan 1

Branding by Allie Creative Design.


Michelle’s brand oozes elegance and grace. There’s a delicate, calm balance to it and a delicious nurturing quality.



The combo of flowing script and a traditional serif font within the logo works well to balance personality and tradition. The branch element is a beautiful nod to the strong, towering oak in Michelle’s front yard. And aligns perfectly with the idea of growing and grounding and coming home to you.

A great way to take Michelle’s physical environment and into her digital world.

Branding for Coaches - Michelle McCartan 2


Michelle holds intimate retreats at her gorgeous Devon country manor in England and her photography is the perfect way to showcase this intimate experience.

It ties in beautifully with the brand giving potential clients an authentic peek into what working with Michelle would be like.

The vibe is calm, natural and understated.

Branding for Coaches - Michelle McCartan 3


The warm natural tones – both in the graphic elements and photography – adds to this feeling of grounded feminine elegance. The palette is muted and earthy with warmth and texture.

Branding for Coaches - Michelle McCartan 4


The serif fonts in italic and lowercase are inviting and calm. They give a lovely sense of balance when paired with the thin uppercase sans serif which adds to the element of clarity.

Branding for Coaches - Michelle McCartan 5

What takes Michelle from ‘just another coach’  to the perfect match for her dream clients…

Michelle is literally opening her home and heart to her dream clients. Her branding creates a fantastic foundation for her work which helps women to reconnect and ‘come home to themselves’.

The brand is soothing and shows a vulnerability that offers support and care to her clients.


Such a great example of why branding for coaches is super important to attract dream clients.


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  1. Michelle

    Hi Vari,
    Totally honoured to be profiled on here Vari, your stunning eye for style and branding makes is mean a whole lot more to me. Thank you! Genuinely blessed to have had an amazing designer in the form of the lovely Allie and incredible photographer in Penny from McKinley Rodgers Honest photography. A dream team who totally get me. Hope you come to visit us for a retreat soon!! x


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