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Last week I started working with a coach. It’s a kinda hybrid coaching – both life + business.

As I’ve spoken about before, my business is my passion and never feels like ‘work’ so I wanted to work with someone who gets this and could really help me move to the next level both professionally, personally + spiritually. For me it’s a package deal. They’re so intertwined.

Already I’m getting so much clarity about my self sabotages and blocks. I wanted to share with your my mega A-HA of the week. It has truly opened up space in my life and made me understand my thought process a little more…

Often I have things on my to do list for AGES. It might be just one little task, an idea for a blog post, a possible collaboration…

The ‘what’ doesn’t matter. It’s the ‘why’ that I need to focus on.

WHY is it still on my list?

WHY has it not been completed?

We’re so quick to criticise ourselves, “Just get it done, Vari!” “Stop putting it off!” “Great – another day over and I still haven’t done _____.”

Sound familiar?

But what if we’re not supposed to do it?

What if it’s not procrastination and in fact our intuition/gut/heart screaming at us that this is not where we should be spending our time and energy?

Now of course there are exceptions. If you need to do your tax return and it’s been on your desk for weeks, that’s definitely procrastination. Stop reading this and get it done!

Recently, I’ve had a few ideas for some new services that I could add to my business.

Sure, they could make me a lot of money and yeah, perhaps there’s no-one out there offering those kinda things just now. But I just haven’t gotten round to starting them. My heart and my energy aren’t there.

Now the flip side. I woke yesterday morning with a great idea! It’s was 5:30 and I was wide awake. I sat in meditation for 10 ┬áminutes, did a short morning yoga practice, made some coffee and got to the desk. I was in the MAGIC place. Creativity was flowing and it was effortless. It was fast action but felt simple and joyous.

By the end of the day (insert day trip with my two boys to the Australian Open!) my new DIY graphics kit was live for people to buy. A few posts to social media and the orders started coming in… Comfirmed. THIS is what I was meant to do today.

Click here to get this image template >>

What I’m learning is that I need to follow my inspiration and creativity. To do what brings me joy.

I love to create beautiful graphics and help other entrepreneurs realise their dream business. My days have to revolve around creating this joy. All the other stuff will work itself out.

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