How to move your freelance business from hobby to six figures

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How to move your freelance business from hobby to six figures

During the early stages of building my freelance business, I bootstrapped as much as possible. I called in favours from web developing friends, taught myself the basics of the techy things like SEO and WordPress and only ever attended free networking events or seminars.

I was determined to start making money before I had to spend too much.

This was a great strategy and helped my build a successful business without bank loans, massive credit card debt or dipping into our savings.

But then came a stage where it all went a little off balance. I wanted to continue to grow my business but the numbers just weren’t adding up.

For me to learn more about marketing, writing, product creation and how to build a tribe here at Buttercup Ink, it would mean hours and hours of trawling the web for all the free tutorials and YouTube videos I could find. But I had clients and projects and deadlines and needed to give the time to these things first.

I realised that in order to keep nudging myself  to where I dreamed of being as a freelancer, I had to invest $. I had to pay for an expert to teach me the strategies or do the things that were outside my zone of genius.

Investing in my business put a good dose motivational ‘can’t fail’ pressure on me. I just simply had to make it work or at the very least get a return on my investment.

It became crystal clear that if I continued to DIY everything, my business would remain in ‘hobby’ territory. SO not where I wanted to be.

So I invested in coaching to take my business fully online, I worked with coaches to improve my mindset around money, abundance and chakric energy.

I realised that I was blocking money and abundance from flowing to me because I wasn’t allow it to flow from me.


I recently read an article with Rhian Allen, owner and founder of She invested a massive $300,000 to launch her business in 2010 which she funded by selling her house and buying a much smaller one. Three years later and her business turned over $2.2 million.

Now by no means am I suggesting you make your family homeless in order to start your business! But I love this balanced energetic exchange.

It’s not solely about the $ investment. It’s about your commitment and vision. It’s about staying focused, course correcting as you navigate your path but always with the knowing that it will happen.

Was there ONE THING that moved you to the next level in your business?

Or perhaps you are on the cusp of taking that leap at the moment?

I’d love you hear your comments below…

Vari x


  1. Zuzana

    Thanks for this post Vari! I definitely agree that investing in our business (or in any area of our lives we need to bring to the next level) makes a difference in our approach. It feels more real. For me, even getting a PO BOX for my business was like woooo I am making a business transaction – for my own business. Hehe 🙂

    • Vari

      YES, Zuzana! The PO Box is a great one! It’s a relatively small $ investment but energetically it’s HUGE in helping us move forward!

      V xx


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