The ‘been there, done that’. The tried and tested. The expected.

It’s not how you roll. Me neither.

Together we can design something truly unique and the ultimate reflection of YOU.


I believe in freedom, beauty and simplicity.

I’m all about zooming out and seeing the bigger picture. Then focusing in on the delicious details.

I believe in stripping back to the heart ‘n’ soul and intentionally designing from there.

I believe in doing what we love with people we dig. (Seriously, our time is too precious to spend it any other way.)

I believe in sprinkling a little fun and adventure on life (usually in the form of Friday night dance parties with my kids.)

And I believe in the magical power of collaboration. 1 + 1 always results in way more than 2…


Buttercup Ink is where graphic design and the business of freedom are ignited by intention and purpose. With a lil’ twist of light-hearted fun along the way.


You’re gonna want to stick ’round these parts if:

>> you’re a lover of beautiful things – you’re pretty certain you could live-happily-ever after in the fairytale land of your Pinterest boards.

>> you’re a freedom-seeker intent on blazing a new trail, cruising delightfully against the grain. You’re set on uncovering other ways, different ways, better ways of doing the work you love and living the life you dream of. (Need a visual reminder? Refer back to previous note on your magical Pinterest-land.)

>> you resist the concept of ‘work/ life balance’ – you’ve got a hunch it’s all just complimentary shades of your big beautifully life.

>> adventure turns you on and makes your heart skip a beat. Stumbling on a new coffee shop in your ‘hood, that spur-of-the-moment road trip, the global gallivanting of your inner adventurer. (Even if it is virtually via that handpicked Pinterest-land.)


So what kinda designer am I?

The entrepreneurs brand designer. I help align the big vision of purpose-charged businesses with their brand. Together we design and create a unique brand that radiates soul and captures the heart of its dream clients and customers.


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What brought me here…

With 10 years experience as a designer under my belt before stepping out on my own, I spent my time across an award winning agency, national publication house and international event management company.

Lessons? The design process is important and unique to everyone; there’s a sweet spot to be found between working efficiently and creating something beautiful (I reckon I found it); external glitz ‘n’ glamour doesn’t feed your soul or make you happy.


Originally from Glasgow, I lived in NY as an exchange student for a year when I was 17. Then at 24, I moved to Melbourne with my husband with no job and no place to stay. Just a backpack each.

Lesson? Not knowing what lies ahead is half the fun! Simply wanting to do it and feeling the pull is reason enough to declare a resounding YES.


I was given the gentle nudge into freelance life (ready kick in the arse!) when I was made redundant from my full time position when my first son, Gabriel was just 5 months old.

Lesson? There’s never a good time to take the leap but you’ve got to embrace every opportunity to spread your wings and move towards your big dreams.


5 random (and maybe kinda interesting) things about me:

>> I played volleyball and netball for Scotland when I was a teenager.

>> I’m a lepidopterophobe (that means I have an weird and unexplainable phobia of butterflies and yes, that’s most likely the fanciest word you’re gonna come across here!)

>> My very first school report said, ‘Vari likes to draw and colour’ (some things never change!)

>> The proper spelling of my name is Mhairi (which is Gaelic for Mary after my gran) but I changed it to the phonetic spelling when I moved to Australia. I figured I’d rather people say it right than spell it right. Sorry, Mum!

>> My boys and I just spent 8 weeks adventuring ’round Japan. (OK so this one hasn’t happen juuuuuust yet, but I’m lettin’ you know, Ms Universe, this is totally happening soon!)